PostHoc: Testing Apps that Send Email

I have developed a utility program that is extremely useful for testing and demonstrating applications that send email.  It is called Post Hoc.   As far as your application is concerned, it is an SMTP server, but it comes with a built in user interface to let you see and inspect the email that was sent.  Without any fuss. Continue reading


3 reasons that XML should be Streamed and never “Stringed”

XML is a text format, and so it is tempting to handle it with the normal String handling capabilities of Java, but there are several reasons that you must never do this.  XML should either be on the disk as a sequence of bytes, or it should be parsed as a DOM tree of decoded string values, but it should never be in a String in its encoded value. Continue reading

#28 Avoid “Test Script” Fever

There is a strange propensity among developers to make tests more complicated than they need to be in the name of flexibility.  Tests don’t need to be flexible, they need to be reliable and maintainable.  I have seen this pattern so many times it is worth a mention here to avoid it.  To understand it, you have to consider a specific example. Continue reading